3D Gallery 2

In Edit-Mode, double tap on a wall to add a picture directly from your photos library.

Add pictures to predefined positions with the + button.

To add a picture with drag&drop, open a second app with Slide Over.

Add a picture with copy&paste.

Images with transparency are automatically rendered with alpha blending.

Adding pictures:


In Edit-Mode, double tap on a picture to edit it‘s properties:

  1. -position

  2. -size

  3. -frame (edit depth, width and color for each frame and mattings)

  4. -description text

Move, resize and rotate pictures by using dragging, pinching and rotating gestures.


In View-Mode, double tap on a picture to zoom in.

Press the play button to start an automatic tour.

Manage your galleries:

More options:

Press the ... button for more options:

  1. -control pad

  2. -view

  3. -visitors

  4. -default frame

  5. -ambient light

  6. -floor texture

  7. -text mode

Press the gallery name to open the list of galleries.

  1. -create new galleries with the + button

  2. -edit the gallery name.

  3. -rearrange the gallery list

- enter a gallery with the > button